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Institutional Development in Central Asia

The working group aims to analyse institutions and governance structures in Social-Ecological-Technical Systems (SETS) in Central Asia. Based on a better understanding of institutional persistence and institutional change in this area, the results will be used to support institutional learning and institutional development. In view of this general objective, the working group has defined the following specific objectives:

  • Identifying a set of promising research approaches regarding transformation of institutions and governance structures in SETS that account for the specific action situations in Central Asia
  • Application of such approaches to relevant issues such as irrigation systems, pasture, forest, energy and agricultural land in Central Asia, including historical background, reasons for change and successes and failures
  • Revealing how processes of post-socialist transition and the legacies of the Soviet model of central planning influence the transformation of institutions and governance structures
  • Enhancing theory development that explicitly focusses on these aspects
  • Employing empirical methods for the analysis of institutional innovation and transformation of SETS to explore their potential to cope with the research challenges mentioned above (e.g. field experiments, case studies and participatory action research, discourse analysis)
  • Communication of research processes and research results to support institutional learning and policy dialogue
  • Establishment of a network of scholars, educational organizations and practitioners across Central Asia, Europe and other countries.


  • The group meets regularly on Wednesday.
  • The group will present updates on its activities and research projects every semester in meetings and seminars.
  • Young scholars from the group will present their research proposals and results in colloquia and workshops.
  • Academic workshops and policy dialogue events will take placed with scholars and decision-makers on natural resource management in Central Asia.

The working group presently includes, among others, PhD students and Post-Doc scholars from Central Asia who are undertaking their research activities at the Division of Resource Economics, for example within the InDeCA project. For more information please consult: http://www.indeca-project.de/.

Group members

Ulan Kasymov (Speaker)

Ahmad Hamidov (Co-Speaker)

Gulzana Kurmanalieva

Aizaada Bekboeva

Odil Akbarov

Tolmasbek Boltayev

Kahramon Jumaboev

Gaukhar Yeshenkulova

Contact details of the group speakers

Ulan Kasymov

Phone: +49(0)30 2093-46371

E-mail: kasymovu@agrar.hu-berlin.de

Ahmad Hamidov

Phone: +49(0)30 2093-46371

E-mail: ahmad.hamidov@agrar.hu-berlin.de