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WINS Summer Course - 31.08-04.09.2015

WINS Summer Course: Introduction to Institutional analysis in the European Policy Context - Theory and practice,  31.08-04.09.2015


Why environmental policy does not progress as quickly as sometimes desired? Are subsidies the solution to greening the agricultural sector? Are there issues that prevent the European cap-and-trade system from being more efficient? Which opportunities and constraints Europa faces to transition to renewable-energy economies? To which extent is decentralization and local management a solution to natural resource management problems?
This course has been designed with the above and other similar questions in mind, and with the aim to uncover an increasing interest about the role of institutions in the European natural resource management context. For that purpose, the course comprises an overview of mainstream institutional analysis theories as well as cases from the European agricultural, energy, water and pollution sectors.
The course adopts a mixed approach, including both lectures, discussion and field visits in an attempt to provide the acquisition of different types of knowledge on the proposed themes.

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