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Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Bokelmann

Professor for Economics of Horticultural Production

Wolfgang Bokelmann Head of the Division Economics of Horticultural Production at Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin; many years of experience in academic research, consultancy and teaching, covering e.g. the areas of Farm Management, Marketing and Environmental Management and is involved in the Doctoral Certificate Program in Agricultural Economics. Coordinator of EU-ALFA III Program, SERIDA “Rural Society, Economy and Natural Resources – Integrating Competence in Rural Development”, the collaborative research project HORTINLEA: DIVERSIFYING FOOD SYSTEMS Horticultural Innovations and Learning for Improved Nutrition And Livelihood in East Africa (BMBF-funding program GLOBE) and the EU/Edulink Project VALUESEC (Value Chain Development for Food Security in the Context of Climate Change). He is a member of the Scientific Advisory Board of the German Federal Ministry of Food and Agriculture and of the National Ac-tion Plan on Sustainable Use of Plant Protection Products.

Selected Publications

  • Ravi Nandi; Bokelmann, W.; Nithya, V. G.; Dias, G. (2015): Consumer Motives and Purchase Preferences for Organic Food Products: Empirical Evidence from a Consumer Survey in Bangalore, South India. In: Journal of International Food&Agribusiness Marketing accepted.
  • Bett, H. K.; Peters, K. J.; Nwankwo, U. M.; Bokelmann, W. (2013): Estimating consumer preferences and willingness to pay for the underutilized indigenous chicken products. In: Food Policy 41 (0), S. 218–225. DOI: 10.1016/j.foodpol.2013.05.012.
  • Imami, D.; Zhllima, E.; Viaggi, D.; Bokelmann, W. (2013): Between weak markets and weak regulations: determinants of contracting in orchard farming in Albania. In: Journal on Chain and Network Science 13 (1), S. 37–46. DOI: 10.3920/JCNS2013.x225.
  • Uddin, Mohammed; Bokelmann, Wolfgang; Entsminger, Jason (2014): Factors Affecting Farmers’ Adaptation Strategies to Environmental Degradation and Climate Change Effects: A Farm Level Study in Bangladesh. In: Climate 2 (4), S. 223–241. DOI: 10.3390/cli2040223.
  • Busse, M.; Doernberg, A.; Siebert, R.; Kuntosch, A.; Schwerdtner, W.; König, B.; Bokelmann, W. (2014): Innovation mechanisms in German precision farming. In: Precision Agric 15 (4), S. 403–426.

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