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Dr. Alexander (Sandy) Bisaro

Senior Researcher

Alexander (Sandy) Bisaro is a Senior Researcher at the Global Climate Forum.  His main research interests are climate adaptation governance, climate finance, as well as new institutionalism and resource economics. In several research projects in Europe, Africa and Asia, he has applied institutional economics approaches to understand governance and institutional performance in nature-related sectors, such as, coastal management, water management and wetlands conservation. He has also acted as a consultant to National Adaptation Planning processes for developing countries in Africa and Asia. His current work focuses on understanding and evaluating efficiency and equity outcomes of private finance participation in climate adaptation initiatives.  He has also made theoretical contributions to the development of common pool resource theories for analysing climate adaptation governance.

Selected Publications

  • BISARO, Alexander, and Hinkel, J. 2016. Governance of social dilemma in climate change adaptation. Nature Climate Change. 6(4) 354-359. doi:10.1038/nclimate2936
  • Thiel, A., Schleyer, C., Hinkel, J., Schlüter, M., Hagedorn, K., BISARO, Alexander, Boboyonov, I. Hamidov, A. 2016. Transferring Williamson's discriminating alignment to the analysis of environmental governance of social-ecological interdependence. Ecological Economics. 128, 159-168. doi: 10.1016/j.ecolecon.2016.04.018
  • BISARO, Alexander, Swart, R., and Hinkel, J., 2016. Frontiers of solution-oriented adaptation research. Regional Environmental Change. 16(1), 123- 136.
  • BISARO, Alexander, Kirk, M., Zdruli, P. Zimmermann, W., 2014. Global drivers setting desertification research priorities: insights from a stakeholder consultation forum. Land Degradation and Development. 25 (1), 5-16
  • BISARO, Alexander, 2015. Climate change adaptation and wetlands governance in Lesotho: a discourse and institutional analysis. PhD Thesis. Shaker, Aachen.

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