Professor Tom Evans


Tom Evans is a geographer who works on environmental decision-making and analysis with an emphasis on household dynamics. He has investigated local-level factors contributing to deforestation/reforestation, the interface between water and food security, and smallholder agriculture. Much of his work has involved simulation modelling of household-level decision-making dynamics affecting land/water resources. His work is highly interdisciplinary and involves tight collaboration with researchers in the physical sciences. His current work addresses the interplay between institutions and household-decision making affecting food security in Kenya/Zambia and adaptation to climate variability.

Selected Publications

  • Ruseva, T., Fischer, B. and Evans, T. P. In press. Can policy incentives make a difference? Examining forest owner decisions and motivations to reforest in the Mid-west United States. Journal of Environmental Management.
  • McCord PF, Cox, M., Schmitt-Harsh, M., Evans, TP. 2015. Crop diversification as a smallholder livelihood strategy within semi-arid agricultural systems near Mount Kenya. Land Use Policy. 42: 738-750.
  • Villamayor-Tomas, S., Grundmann, P., Epstein, G., Evans, T. P. and Kimmich, C. 2015. The water-energy-food security nexus through the lenses of the IAD framework and value chain analysis. Water Alternatives, 8(1) 735-755.
  • Evans, TP, and Cole, D. 2014. Contextualizing the influence of social norms, collective action on social-ecological systems. Journal of Natural Resources Policy Research. 6(4): 259-264. DOI: 10.1080/19390459.2014.956422
  • Mincey SK, Hutten M, Fischer BC, Evans TP, Stewart SI, and Vogt JM. 2013. Structuring institutional analysis for urban ecosystems: a key to sustainable urban forest management. Urban Ecosystems 16(3):553–571. DOI: 10.1007/s11252-013-0286-3.

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