Dr. Ranjan Ghosh

Post-doctoral fellow

Ranjan Ghosh is an Assistant Professor at the Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad. Before, he worked as a post-doctoral fellow at the Department of Economics, SLU, Uppsala, Sweden. He earned his PhD at Division of Resource Economics, Humboldt University Berlin and conducted an important part of his research at the Vincent and Elinor Ostrom Workshop, Indiana University, Bloomington, US. He completed his M.Sc in Economics from the Madras School of Economics, 2007. Prior to his doctoral program he worked as a researcher at TERI and Citigroup Analytics and is 2012 Ronald Coase Institute alumni. He works on agri-food value chains, resource economics and collective action problems from an institutional economics perspective. He uses applied econometrics, field experiments and case study methods and is also interested in economic history, economic methodology and philosophy of science.

Selected Publications

  • Ghosh, Ranjan (2015). Towards Transaction Cost Regulation: Insights from the Indian Power Generation Sector. Shaker Verlag, Germany. http://www.shaker.de/de/content/catalogue/index.asp?lang=de&ID=8&ISBN=978-3-8440-3263-5
  • Ghosh, Ranjan and Kathuria, V. (2014). The transaction costs driving captive power generation: Evidence from India. Energy Policy 75: 179-188
  • Ojea, E., Ghosh, R., Agrawal, B.B. and Joshi, P.K. (2012). Costing adaptation to climate change impacts in forest ecosystems: A case study with experiences from India. International Journal of Climate Change Strategies and Management 4.3: 323-341.
  • Ojea, E., Ghosh, R., Agrawal, B.B., Joshi, P.K. and Markandya, Anil (2012). Setting targets for costing ecosystem adaptation. The International Journal of Ecological Economics and Statistics 24.1: 27-45.

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