Dr. Philipp Grundmann

Senior Scientist

Philipp Grundmann is a graduate of Master of Agricultural Economics and Social Sciences from the Hohenheim University (Germany). After completion of his doctoral studies in 2002, he was selected for the position of Senior Economist to the Department of Technology Assessment and Substances Cycles at the Leibniz-Institute for Agricultural Engineering Potsdam. In 2006, he was invited to become Associate Researcher at the Division of Resources Economics at the Humboldt Universität zu Berlin. In the same year he was appointed as a consultant to the German Ministry of Agriculture and Consumer Protection. Along his academic career he has been a visiting scholar at universities and research institutes worldwide.
The main focus of his research is evaluation and man-agement of impacts from innovations in food and energy systems. His methodological expertise is combining system modeling approaches with LCA/LCC, techno-economic and institutional analysis. The main objective of his work is to provide decision-making support for development projects, rural enterprises, value chains and regional economies in socio-ecological, economic and technical transitions.

Selected Publications

  • Bock und Polach v., C.; Kunze, C.; Maaß, O.; Grund-mann, P. (2015): Bioenergy as a socio-technical system: The nexus of rules, social capital and cooperation in the development of bioenergy villages in Germany. Energy Research & Social Science 6:128–135.
  • Maaß, O.; Grundmann, P.; von Bock und Polach, C. (2014): Added-value from innovative value chains by establishing nutrientcycles via struvite. Journal of Re-sources, Conservation and Recycling, 87:126–136.
  • Angraini, E.; Grundmann, P. (2013): Transactions in the supply chain of oil palm fruits and their relevance for land conversion in smallholdings in Indonesia. Journal of Environment and Development, 22(4):391-410.
  • Grundmann, P., Ehlers, M.-H.; Uckert, G. (2012): Re-sponses of agricultural bioenergy sectors in Brandenburg (Germany) to climate, economic and legal changes: an application of Holling's adaptive cycle. Journal of Energy Policy, 48:118–129.
  • Grundmann, P.; Klauss, H. (2012): The impact of global trends on bioenergy production, food supply and global warming potential - An impact assessment of land use changes in four regions in Germany using Linear Pro-gramming. Journal of Land Use Science, 1-10.

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