Dr. Marco Janssen

Professor of Modeling Social and Social-Ecological Systems

Marco Janssen is Director of the Center for Behavior, Institutions and the Environment, and a Professors of Modeling Social and Social-Ecological Systems, both at Arizona State University. He received a PhD in mathematics from Maastricht University in 1996 and has been working since 1991 on models of human-environmental interactions. Since 2005 Janssen is also pursuing behavioural experiments in the lab and the field to test conditions of cooperative outcomes in common pool resources. His current research focuses on the governance and robustness of social-ecological systems, especially small-scale irrigation systems. How does globalization and climate change increase the fragility of those irrigation systems? Furthermore, he is testing the use of behavioural experiments as a low-cost effective intervention tool for governing the commons in rural developing countries.

Selected Publications

  • Janssen, M.A., F. Bousquet, J.C. Cardenas, D. Castillo, and K. Worrapimphong (2012), Field Experiments of Irrigation Dilemmas, Agricultural Systems 109: 65-75.
  • Poteete, A.M., M.A. Janssen and E. Ostrom (2010) Working Together: Collective Action, the Commons and Multiple Methods in Practice, Princeton University Press (also published in Portugese (2011), Spanish (2012) and Chinese (2012)).
  • Janssen, M.A., R. Holahan, A. Lee and E. Ostrom (2010), Lab Experiments for the Study of Social-Ecological Systems, Science 328: 613-617.
  • Ostrom, E, M.A. Janssen, and J.M. Anderies (2007), Going beyond panaceas. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences USA 104:15176–15178.
  • Anderies, J.M., M.A. Janssen and E. Ostrom (2004), A framework to analyze the robustness of social-ecological systems from an institutional perspective, Ecology and Society 9(1): 18. [online] URL: http://www.ecologyandsociety.org/vol9/iss1/art18

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