Dr. Christian Kimmich

Senior Researcher

Christian Kimmich works on behaviour and institutions of resource governance, infrastructures, commons, and ecological macroeconomics. He holds a PhD in resource economics from HU Berlin, was Postdoc at the Swiss Federal Research Institute WSL (ETH domain), and visiting scholar at the Ostrom Workshop, IU Bloomington and at the Center for Environmental Policy and Behavior at UC Davis. In a consultation process for the German Parliament, Christian studied resource use conflicts of energy crop expansion at the Leibniz Institute for Agricultural Engineering. He is fellow of the Future Earth global research platform, member of the Sustainable Money Research Group, and co-founded the Young Scholar Initiative at INET. He has published on the ecology of games and action situation networks, the water–energy–food nexus in South India, institutional and behavioural determinants of forest governance, and ecological macroeconomics, among others.

Selected Publications

  • Kimmich, C.; Fischbacher, U. (2016). Behavioral determinants of supply chain integration and coexistence. Journal of Forest Economics, 25, 55-77.

  • Kimmich, C. (2016). Can analytic narrative inform policy change? The political economy of the Indian electricity–irrigation nexus. Journal of Development Studies, 52(2), 269-285.

  • Kimmich, C.; Sagebiel, J. (2016). Empowering irrigation: A game-theoretic approach to electricity utilization in Indian agriculture. Utilities Policy, 43, 174-185.

  • Kimmich, C. (2013). Linking action situations: Coordination, conflicts, and evolution in electricity provision for irrigation in Andhra Pradesh, India. Ecological Economics, 90, 150-58.

  • Hanisch, M.; Kimmich, C.; Sagebiel, J. and Rommel, J. (2010). Coping with power scarcity in an emerging megacity: A consumers’ perspective from Hyderabad. International Journal of Global Energy Issues, 33(3-4), 189-204.

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