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Prof. Dr. Jörg Niewöhner

Professor of Urban anthropology
Deputy Director of the IRI THESys

Jörg Niewöhner is professor for the ethnology of urban spaces and cultures and the deputy director of the integrative research institute THESys, Transformations of Human-Environment Systems. His research is primarily concerned with developing long-term social-ecological research from an anthropological perspective. Key themes of his research are: ecological thinking in anthropology, the anthropology of knowledge and expertise, the ethnography of infrastructure, administration and the analysis of markets as socio-technical practices. He employs ethnographic and qualitative methods and works actively on comparative and inter/trans-disciplinary approaches. His main field of research is socio-ecological change (metabolism, land use, nature culture relations) in Berlin-Brandenburg, Germany.

Selected Publications

  • Niewöhner, J. (2015). "Infrastructure." International Encyclopaedia for the Social and Behavioral Sciences 2(online).
  • Niewöhner, J. (2014). Raum aus anthropologischer Perspektive Theorien in der Raum- und Stadtforschung – Eine Einführung. J. r. Oßenbrügge and A. Vogelpohl. Münster, Westfälisches Dampfboot: 14-23.
  • Niewöhner, J. (2014). "Ökologien der Stadt. Zur Ethnografie bio- und geopolitischer Praxis." Zeitschrift für Volkskunde 110(2): 185-214.
  • Niewöhner, J., E. Sorensen and S. Beck (2012). Science and Technology Studies aus sozial- und kulturanthropologischer Perspektive. Science and Technology Studies. Eine sozialanthropologische Einführung. S. Beck, J. Niewöhner and E. Sørensen. Bielefeld, transcript: 9-48.
  • Niewöhner, J. and T. Scheffer (2010). Thick comparison. Thick Comparison. Reviving the ethnographic aspiration. T. Scheffer and J. Niewöhner. Amsterdam, Brill.

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