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Prof. Dr. Regina Birner

Regina Birner has been the Chair of Social and Institutional Change in Agricultural Development at the University of Hohenheim (Germany) since 2010. She has more than 20 years of experience in development-oriented agricultural research and has led numerous research projects in Asia and Africa. From 2004 to 2010, she was the leader of IFPRI’s Research Program on “Governance for Agricultural and Rural Development”. In 2008 she served in the core author team of the World Development Report on “Agriculture for Development.” Dr. Birner has acted as advisor to international organizations, including the World Bank, FAO and USAID and participated in various evaluations. Her research focuses on socio-economic issues in the context of agricultural development, including topics such as participatory research, institutions, knowledge and innovation, and gender. Dr Birner has extensive experience in evaluation – she led and participated in major evaluations of major programs of FAO, World Bank and IFAD. Dr. Birner has a PhD in Socio-Economics of Agricultural Development from University of Göttingen.