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Dr. Christian Schleyer

Senior Researcher

Christian Schleyer currently works as a Senior Researcher at the Institute of Geography under the Leopold-Franzens University of Innsbruck. He studied economics at Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin (HU Berlin) and Swansea University (Wales). In 2009, he completed his PhD in resource economics at the Faculty of Agriculture and Horticulture at HU Berlin (“Institutional change of reclamation systems”). Between 2000 and 2008 he worked at the Division of Resource Economics at HU Berlin as a researcher in several (inter-)national research projects. Since 2009, he held positions at the Berlin-Brandenburg Academy of Sciences and Humanities, the Department of Environmental Politics at the Helmholtz Centre for Environmental Research, Leipzig, and the Institute for Social Ecology (Vienna) at the Alpen-Adria-University Klagenfurt (Austria). Since April 2017, he is working as senior researcher at the Section of International Agricultural Policy and Environmental Governance at the University of Kassel. He teaches several master courses at HU Berlin and the University of Kassel. His research interests include Social-Ecological Systems, Ecosystem Services, and Agri-Environmental Policy.

Selected Publications

  • Thiel, A., Schleyer, C., Hinkel, J., Schlüter, M., Hagedorn, K., Bisaro, S., Bobojonov, I. & Hamidov, A. (2016): Transferring Williamson’s discriminating alignment to the analysis of environmental governance of social-ecological interdependence. Ecological Economics 128: 159-168 .

  • Schleyer, C., Schaich, H., Bieling, C., Gerdes, H., Ohnesorge, B., Plieninger, T., Trommler, K. & Wolff, F. (2015): Biodiversity and ecosystem services in European cultural landscapes: Pathways, pitfalls, and perspectives. In: Biodiversity in the Green Economy. Gasparatos, A. & Willis, K. (Eds.). London & New York: Routledge, 149-171.

  • Schleyer, C. (2012): Institutioneller Wandel von Meliorationssystemen. Eine vergleichende Studie in Ostdeutschland und Polen. (Institutional Change in Agriculture and Natural Resources, Vol. 39, Editors: V. Beckmann und K. Hagedorn). Aachen: Shaker.

  • Schleyer, C. & Plieninger, T. (2011): Obstacles and options for the design and implementation of payment schemes for ecosystem services provided through farm trees in Saxony, Germany. Environmental Conservation 38(4): 454-463.

    Theesfeld, I., Schleyer, C. & Aznar, O. (2010): The Procedure for Institutional Compatibility Assessment: Ex-ante Policy Assessment from an Institutional Perspective. Journal of Institutional Economics (JOIE) 6(3): 377-399.

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