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Prof. Dr. Achim Schlüter

Professor of Social Systems and Ecological Economics

My main research interest is in institutions and institutional change in the field of the environment. What rules of the game do people have for organising economic exchange of environmental resources? How does a change of those rules take place? Since I am working at the Centre for Tropical Marine Ecology in Bremen the focus is on coastal and marine issues in the tropics. This is particularly interesting, as the establishing of property rights in the marine realm is lagging behind in comparison to other environmental resources. However, the current resource pressure is extremely high, requiring institutional change. In our working group “institutional and behavioural economics” we are applying a variety of methods for understanding the role of various institutions on sustainable resource use. We investigate, using ethnographic research, the institutional change in the area of marine protected areas in Costa Rica. We use the SES diagnostic framework for comparing different marine protected areas in various continents. We use various forms of experiments from natural to lab experiments for studying the effect of various institutions on sustainable use.

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