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Prof. Dr. Insa Theesfeld

Professor of Agricultural, Environmental and Food Policy

Insa Theesfeld is professor of Agricultural, Environmental and Food Policy at the Martin Luther University Halle-Wittenberg in Germany.
She is an agricultural economist, specialized in institutional economics and resource economics. She has been appointed to serves on the Council of the International Association for the Study of the Commons.
Her research fields compose the fit between policies foreseen to be implemented and the formal and informal institutional arrangements in place as well as the creation and role of institutional arrangements by communities to govern their use of renewable natural resources. Her research follows her theoretical interest in institutional change, property rights, human behavior and the co-evolution of socio-political, ecological and technical systems.

Selected Publications

  • Theesfeld, I. and A. MacKinnon (2014). Giving birds a starting date: The curious social solution to a water resource issue in the U.S. West. Ecological Economics, 97(0): 110-119.
  • Prazan, J. and I. Theesfeld (2014). The role of agri-environmental contracts in saving biodiversity in the post-socialist Czech Republic. International Journal of the Commons, 8(1): 1-25.
  • Theesfeld, I. and C. Schleyer (2013). Germany’s Light Version of Integrated Water Resource Management. Environmental Policy and Governance, 23(2): 130-144.
  • Schlüter, A. and I. Theesfeld (2010). The Grammar of Institutions: The Challenge of Distinguishing Between Strategies, Norms and Rules. Rationality & Society, 22(4): 445-475.
  • Theesfeld, I., Schleyer, C. and O. Aznar (2010). The Procedure for Institutional Compatibility Assessment: Ex-ante Policy Assessment from an Institutional Perspective. Journal of Institutional Economics, 6(3): 377-399.

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