Dr. Dimitrios Zikos

Lecturer and Research Coordinator

Dimitrios Zikos is a post-doctoral researcher (Habilitant) in the Division of Resource Economics since April 2010. His research focuses on the implicit study of conflict and cooperation on natural resources from an institutionalist perspective. Due to his academic background and due to the object under study, Dimitris follows an interdisciplinary approach while employing multiple quantitative and qualitative methods in the quest for understanding how competition on scarce natural resources evolves to conflicts or cooperation. Dimitris graduated from University of Piraeus, department of Statistics. Following, he completed an MBA on Environmental Management in University of Liverpool, and then a PhD in Panteion University of Social and Political Sciences. Dimitris conducted research from 2000 to 2006 in the Institute for Urban Environment and Human Resources in Athens, Greece. In 2006 Dimitris joined the Institute for Regional Development and Structural Planning (IRS) in Erkner and following (2008) the Centre for Environmental Research in Leipzig (UFZ) as experienced researcher. Since 2010 Dimitris coordinated several research projects and teaches “Advanced Empirical Methodology for SES Analysis”.

Selected Publications

  • Zikos, D., Sorman, A. and Lau M. (2015): Beyond water security: asecuritization and identity in Cyprus. International Environmental Agreements: Politics, Law and Economics. fortchoming
  • Baerlein, T., Kasymov, U., Zikos, D. (2015): Self-Governance and Sustainable Common Pool Resource Management in Kyrgyzstan. Sustainability 7 (1): 496-521.
  • Bhuvanachithra C.,Janssen M.,Rommel J. and Zikos D. (2014): Commuters' Mode Choice as a Coordination Problem: A Framed Field Experiment on Traffic Policy in Hyderabad, India. Transportation Research Part A: Policy and Practice, 65:9-22.
  • Zikos, D. and Thiel, A. (2013) Action Research’s potential to foster institutional change for urban water management, Water, 5:356-378.
  • Zikos , D. and Roggero, M. (2012): The Patronage of Thirst: Exploring Institutional Fit on a Divided Cyprus. Ecology & Society, 18(2): 25.

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