Bios, abstracts and presentations

Summer Semester 2017

27 Apr. 2017
Yu Lu (Bio and Abstract)
Chinese pastoralism in rapid transformation


11 May. 2017
Dr. Ilona Otto (Bio and Abstract)
Who is in the driver's seat? Human agency in the transformation towards sustainability


18 May. 2017
Prof. Simon Dietz (Bio and Abstract)
Feeding the World, Leaving the Land: a Macroeconomic Approach to Malthusian Problems


01 Jun. 2017
Dr. Giulia Sajeva (Bio and Abstract)
Shifting focus to Local Communities: Biocultural Rights as New Thinking on Environmental Responsibilities


22 Jun. 2017
Prof. Doo Bong HAN/ Prof. Kwan Soo KIM/ Prof. Sang Taek SEO (Bios and Abstracts)
Consumers' Food Safety Concern over Animal Diseases/ Climate Change and Risk Management/ Crop insurance and its issues to be resolved in Korea

29 Jun. 2017
Prof. Dr. Hermann Lotze-Campen (Bio and Abstract)
Challenges and possible solutions for sustainable land use in a changing climate