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Bios, Abstracts and Presentations SS2014

17 Jul. 2014
Dr. Moss
Connecting the socio-technical to the social-ecological. Reflections on research into the governance of urban infrastructures
10 Jul. 2014
Prof. Coleman
Institutional Collective Action and local Forest Commons
03 Jul. 2014
Prof Cole
Towards a new institutional analysis or Socio-Ecological Systems
26 Jun. 2014
Dr. Zikos
Beyond water security: a securitization and identity in Cyprus
12 Jun. 2014
Dr. Grundmann
Value chains of bio-energy production: learning from the nexus
​05 Jun. 2014
Dr. Otto
WaterLab – River Basin Management Games Supporting Adaptation to Climate Change and Public Participation in Water Policy
22 May 2014
Prof. Hiedanpää
Micro-politics, transactions and institutional change: Some reflections about Finnish wolf policy
15 May 2014
Dr. Farrell
An Analytical Economics of Living Well
08 May 2014
Prof. Thiel
Exploring poly-centricity in cases of scalar re-organisation of natural resource governance in the EU
24 Apr. 2014
Prof. Hagedorn
Visioning for WINS! Crafting Institutional Analysis of Social-Ecological-Technical Systems