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Bios, Abstracts and Presentations SS2016

21 Jul. 2016

Prof. Dr. Ortwin Renn (Bio and Abstract)
Coping with systemic risks: lessons for analysis and governance
14 Jul. 2016
Dr. Christian Kimmich (Bio and Abstract)
Beliefs, expectations, and assurance in social-ecological system dynamics of common property regimes
07 Jul. 2016
Prof. Dr. Consuelo Varela (Bio and Abstract)
Identifying solutions to balance the conservation of biodiversity and human development using participatory decision support tools
30 Jun. 2016
Dr. Maja Goepel (Bio and Abstract)
Transforming Development: The need for an Economic Paradigm Shift to move towards Sustainability
23 Jun. 2016
Dr. Linda Soneryd (Bio and Abstract)
An institutional approach to participatory environmental governance
16 Jun. 2016
Prof. Dr. Klaus Eisenack (Bio and Abstract)
Adapting water governance in river basins to climate change: archetypical barriers
09 Jun. 2016
Prof. Dr. Susan Thieme (Bio and Abstract)
Institutional transitions: Migration and rural-urban change in Kyrgyzstan
02 Jun. 2016
Dr. Nina Hall (Bio and Abstract)
Displacement, Development, and Climate Change International organizations moving beyond their mandates
26 May 2016
Dr. Jochen Hinkel (Bio and Abstract)
Adaptation to sea-level rise: technological feasibility, economic efficiency and governance
19 May 2016
Dr. Katharine N. Farrell (Bio and Abstract)
The Idea of Institution: a survey of concepts and approaches
12 May 2016
Prof. Dr. Jürgen Manemann (Bio and Abstract)
Humanization versus hominization. En route to a novel human ecology
28 Apr. 2016
Prof. Dr. Stephan Rist (Bio and Abstract)
Beyond marketization and social protection – integrating the emancipatory dimension into the land grabbing debate
21 Apr. 2016
Prof. Dr. Murray Fulton (Bio and Abstract)
The Political Economy of Co-operative Governance