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Bios, Abstracts, and Presentations WS 2018/2019

Winter Semester 2018/2019

8 October 2018

Prof. Stefanie Sievers-Glotzbach (Bio and Abstract)

Seeds for the future: The transformative potential of commons institutions in plant breeding and seed production


5 November 2018

Dan Li (Bio and Abstract)

The Nature-related Transaction between Farmers and Herders in Xinjiang, China


17 December 2018

Prof. Reinaldo Sagbini (Bio and Abstract)
Lemuria: experimental film as a transdisciplinary research method


28 January 2019

Dr. Richard Reitan (Bio and Abstract)

Forest Aesthetics and Material Reality in Early Twentieth-Century Japan


11 February 2019

Prof. Frank Fischer (Bio and Abstract)

Climate change crisis and environmental democracy