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Institutional Analysis of Social-Ecological-Technical Systems (SETS)

Prof. Dr. Dr. h.c. Konrad Hagedorn, Dr. Wibke Crewett, Dr. Dimitrios Zikos

Tutor: Svetlana Zhak [zhaksvet@cms.hu-berlin.de]

Winter Semester Start:

Lectures: October 31, 2016;

WINS Seminar: October 20, 2016

Time & Place:

Lectures: Mondays, 4-7 p.m.;

WINS Seminar: Thursdays, 3-5 p.m., Quartier Stadtmitte, Friedrichstr. 191, 4th floor, room 4088


This course addresses Master and PhD students. In addition, Bachelor students with an interest in proceeding to Master studies may attend the course. Participants who do not intend to take the exam and to earn credits are also welcome to participate. The course offers lectures, group work and participation in the WINS Seminar:

1.    Lectures

  • Global impact of human activities on natural resources
  • Knowledge generation on institutional change in social-ecological systems
  • The framing of Institutions of Sustainability
  • Schools of institutional analysis and their analytical frameworks and theories
  • Characteristics of nature-related transactions
  • Transaction-interdependence-institutions nexus
  • Integrative and segregative institutions
  • Empirical analysis of institutions in social-ecological systems

2.    Group Work

Students will form small groups working on selected topics taken from theoretically and empirically relevant knowledge areas, for example:

  • epistemological and methodological challenges on knowledge generation on SETS
  • discussion of the feasibility of global environmental governance
  • diversity of SETS analytical frameworks and theories in institutional analysis
  • relevance of nature-related transactions, the transaction-interdependence-institutions nexus and integrative and segregative institutions for achieving an institutional fit
  • integration of ecological knowledge in the institutional analysis of SETS
  • applying theories of institutional analysis to SETS by institutional analysis in practice
  • data gathering and arranging empirical institutional analysis of SETS
  • qualitative and quantitative methods, experimental and interpretative procedures

3.    WINS Seminar



For more information please contact Svetlana Zhak, email: zhaksvet@cms.hu-berlin.de