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Prof. Dr. Markus Hanisch

Professor for Economics of Agricultural Cooperatives

Markus Hanisch is an agricultural economist. In his current position he heads the Division of Economics of Agricultural Cooperatives. Within the Berlin Institute for Cooperative Studies (BICS), he is an academic member and presently holds office as the managing director. As professor of cooperative sciences focusing on all aspects of cooperation and cooperatives, performance of cooperative enterprises and their governance and sustainability, he is participating in or leading several research projects in close collaboration with national and international research foundations, ministries and international research partners. Hanisch has served for three years on the council of the agricultural faculty at Humboldt University and participates actively in several research associations and research networks related to his academic interests (ISNIE, CIRIEC, EAAE, eRNAC, GEWISOLA, AGI). He belongs to the group of Affiliated Faculty at the Vincent and Elinor Ostrom Workshops for Political Theory and Policy Analysis at Indiana University and works on several editorial boards.

Selected Publications

  •  Bharamappanavara, S.; Hanisch, M.; Rommel, J. (2015). The Effect of Heterogeneity and Freedom of Participation on Collective Action in Rural Self-Help Groups: Combining In-depth Interviews with Curve Estimation. Journal of Mixed Methods Research, in press, doi: 10.1177/1558689814550876.
  •  Bijman, J.; Hanisch, M.; van der Sangen, G. (2014): Shifting Control? The Changes of Internal Governance in Agricultural Cooperatives in the EU. In: Bijman, J.; Iliopuolos, C. (Eds.) (2014): Farmers' Cooperatives in the EU: Policies, Strategies, and Organization. Annals of Public and Cooperative Economics 85(4), 641-661.
  • Hagedorn, K.; Hanisch, M. (2014): The Emergence and Role of Farmers’ Cooperatives in Central and Eastern European Countries: A comparative case study analysis. In: Laurinkari, J.; Schediwy, R.; Todev, T. (eds.): Genossenschaftswissenschaft zwischen Theorie und Geschichte. Festschrift für Prof. Dr. Johann Brazda zum 60. Geburtstag. Europäischer Hochschulverlag, Bremen, 589-619.
  • Hussain, Z.; Hanisch, M. (2014): Dynamics of peri-urban agricultural development and farmers’ adaptive behaviour in the emerging megacity of Hyderabad, India. Journal of Environmental Planning and Management 57(4), 495-515.
  • Speer, J.; Hanisch, M. (2014): ¿Puede la gobernanza participativa superar asimetrías de información en los mercados rurales? Un estudio de caso de dos municipios guatemaltecos (Can Participatory Governance Overcome Information Asymmetries in Rural Political Markets? A Case Study of Two Guatemalan Municipalities). Política y gobierno 21(1), 127-158.

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