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Prof. Dr. Rolf Künneke

Professor Economics of Infrastructures

Rolf Künneke is full Professor Economics of Infrastructures at the Faculty of Technology, Policy and Management of Delft University of Technology. His research is dedicated to the regulation of infrastructures, with a specialization on the energy sector. He takes an institutional-economic perspective, relating technical characteristics of the energy sector to the regulatory arrangements, and vice versa. He served as board member of a large national large research program on the future of the Dutch gas system (EDGaR: Energy Delta Gas Research) and he recently received grants from the Dutch Science Foundation NWO on social responsible innovations in energy systems (offshore wind and smart grids). 

Selected Publications

  • Künneke, Rolf, Mehos, Donna, Hillerbrand, Rafaela and Hemmes, Kas, (forthcoming) Understanding Values Embedded in Offshore Wind Energy Systems: Towards a purposefull institutional and technological design, Environmental Science & Policy
  • Finger, Matthias and Künneke, Rolf (Eds.), 2011. International handbook of network industries. The liberalization of infrastructure. Edward Elgar, Cheltenham, Northampton.
  • Künneke, R. W., Groenewegen, John P. M. and Menard, C., 2010. Aligning modes of organization with technology: Critical transactions in the reform of infrastructures. Journal of Economic Behavior & Organization, 75, 494-505.
  • Künneke, Rolf W., 2008. Institutional Reform and Technological Practice: The Case of Electricity. Industrial and Corporate Change, 17(2), 233-265.
  • Künneke, Rolf W. and Fens, Theo, 2007. Ownership Unbundling in Electricity Distribution: The case of The Netherlands. Energy Policy, 35(3), 1920-1930.

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