Dr. Matteo Roggero


Matteo Roggero is a social scientist working on the institutional dimensions of environmental decision-making. He is interested in those governance and coordination problems interdependent actors face while dealing with uncertain choices, the logics they use, and the rules they craft in order to get by. Matteo has worked extensively with local public administrations in Germany, focusing most recently on adaptation to climate change, but also on water management issues and nature protection. He works qualitatively and comparatively, exploring the middle-way between single case studies and large-N approaches.

Selected Publications

  • Roggero, M. (2015): Adapting institutions: exploring climate adaptation through institutional economics and set relations. In Ecological Economics 118, pp. 114-122.

  • Roggero, M. (2013): Shifting Troubles: Decision-Making vs. Implementation in Participatory Watershed Governance. In Environmental Policy and Governance 23, pp. 63-74.

  • Zikos, D.; Roggero, M. (2012): The Patronage of Thirst: Exploring Institutional Fit on a Divided Cyprus. In Ecology and Society 18 (2), pp. 25.

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