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Dr. Saravanan Veluswami Subramanian

Senior Researcher

Saravanan.V.S is Senior Researcher at the the Department of Social and Cultural Change at the Center for Development Research (Zentrum für Entwicklungsforschung), University of Bonn/Germany. He is political geographer and Planner with qualifications from universities in India, United Kingdom and Australia. At ZEF, he leads the water and health research at the Center. He specializes on new institutionalism, systems approach, geo-statistical analysis, integrated water management and socio-epidemiology which he draws on to analyze water-related health risk in rapidly growing economies. His research projects includes the role of water management on human health in South and Central Asia. His publications cover theoretical issues concerning integrated water management, institutional analysis, urban metabolism and urban health in international peer review journals, media and as policy briefs. He has contributed chapters in books and co-edited books. Well known co-edited volume is on ‘Interlacing Water and Human Health’, published by Sage Publishers in 2012.

Selected Publications

  • Saravanan.V.S. (2015). Agents of Institutional Change: Contribution of new institutionalism in understanding water governance in India. Environment Science and Policy. http://dx.doi.org/10.1016/j.envsci.2015.01.012
  • Saravanan.V.S. (2013). Urbanizing Diseases: Contested institutional terrain of water- and vector-borne diseases. Water International, 38(7): 875-886.
  • Saravanan.V.S., Mavalankar, D., Kulkarni, S., Nussbaum, S., and Weigelt, M. (2015). Metabolized Water Breeding Diseases in Urban India: Socio-spatiality of Water Problems and Health Burden in Ahmedabad City. Journal of Industrial Ecology, 19(1), 93-103.
  • Saravanan.V.S., Mollinga, P P and Bogardi J.K.M. (2011) Global Change, Water and Health in Fast Growing Economies. Cur-rent Opinion in Environmental Sustainability. Vol3, pg 461-466.
  • Saravanan.V.S., McDonald, T Geoff, and Peter P Mollinga (2009) ‘A Critical Review of IWRM: Moving beyond Polarised Dis-course’, Natural Resources Forum. 33(1), 76-86.

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