Bios, abstracts and presentations

Winter Semester 2016/17

16 Feb. 2017
Dr. Amanda Machin (Bio and Abstract)
The Agony of the Anthropos? Tha Challenges for Democratic Citizenship in the Anthropocene.
09 Feb. 2017
Dr. Matteo Roggero (Bio and Abstract)
Institutions, Adaptation and the IAD framework: A systematic review of IAD elements in the climate adaptation scholarship
26 Jan. 2017
Prof. Dr. Geoffrey Hodgson (Bio and Abstract)
Human motivation and the problem of climate change 
12 Jan. 2017
Prof. Dr. Helmut Aust (Bio and Abstract)
Shining Cities on the Hill, The Global City, Climate Change, and International Law
15 Dec. 2016
Dr. Maria Proestou (Bio and Abstract)
Rethinking the Anthropocene: Pre-formal institutions in times of crisis
08 Dec. 2016
Prof. Dr. Susanne Stoll-Kleemann (Bio and Abstract)
The feasibility of shifting diets towards just food systems and global sustainability
24 Nov. 2016
Prof. Dr. David Barkin (Bio and Abstract)
Food Sovereignty: A Strategy for Environmental Justice in the Capitalocene
10 Nov. 2016
Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Bokelmann (Bio and Abstract)
Climate change adaptation and sustainable food security – New subjects to integrate into higher education. Examples from curricula development at African universities
27 Oct. 2016
Prof. Dr. Ellen Immergut (Bio and Abstract)
The New Party Politics of Welfare State Sustainability: The Case
of Public Pensions 
20 Oct. 2016
Prof. Dr. Timothy Moss (Bio and Abstract)
Conceptualising Germany's Energy Transition: Institutions, Materiality, Power, Space 
Prof. Dr. Klaus Eisenack