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Bios, Abstracts and Presentations WS 14/15

12 Feb. 2015
Nataliya Stupak
Agricultural Transition in Russian Federation and Its Implications for Adaptation to Climate Change in Western Siberia
05 Feb. 2015
Jouni Paavola
Polycentric governance of climate change mitigation and adaptation
22 Jan. 2015
Consuelo Varela, Irene Blanco
Resource management in Brazil
15 Jan. 2015
Katharine Nora Farrell
Theory on Method as Practice: exploring methodological challanges and opportunities associated with generating quality science for policy in The Anthropocene
08 Jan. 2015
Jonas Ostergaard Nielsen, Janine Hauer
Settling the margins. The legal, institutional and subjective experience of living in pri-urban Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso
​11 Dec. 2014
Maja Schlueter
Towards a typology of social-ecological interactions
04 Dec. 2014
Wolfgang Bokelmann
The Contribution of Horticultural Value Chains to Improve the Nutrition and Livelihood Situation of the Rural and Urban Poor in Kenya
27 Nov. 2014
Sabine OHara
Urban Agriculture and its role in US Food Security: insights from Washington DC  (Presentation)
20 Nov. 2014
Paula Novo
Market & non-marked based provision of soil ecosystem services in Africa
13 Nov. 2014
Tobias Krueger
Experiments in participatory appraisal for land-water governance
06 Nov. 2014
Timo Goeschl
Trust, but verify? When trustworthiness is observable only through (costly) monitoring
30 Oct. 2014
Carsten Mann, Christian Schleyer, Ladislav Jelinek
The Procedure for Institutional Compatibility Assessment (PICA) and applications in SES