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Bios, Abstracts and Presentations WS 15/16


11 Feb. 2016
Dr. Claudia Sattler
Civil-Public-Private-Pertnerships(cp3): collaborative governance approaches for policy innovation to enhance biodiversity and ecosystem services delivery in agricultural landscapes (Presentation)
04 Feb. 2016
PD Dr. habil. Irene Ring
Ecological fiscal reform and conservation
28 Jan. 2016
Prof. Dr. Martina Pedmanabhan
What is sustainable use of agrobiodiversity? Results and reflection on a transdisciplinary approach in India (Article)
21 Jan. 2016
Dr. Jesko Hirschfeld
Extended Cost-Benefit Analysis of Climate Change Adaptation Options and the Role of Scale Levels
14 Jan. 2016
Prof. Dr. Bernd Hansjürgens
Theory, the Market and the State: Agricultural Reforms in Post Socialist Uzbekistan between Economic Incentives and Institutional Obstacles
07 Jan. 2016
Dr. Maja Goepel
Transforming Development: The need for an Economic Paradigm. Shift to move towards Sustainability
10 Dec. 2015
Prof. Dr. Achim Schlüter
Regulating peatland degradation at the local level, individual, group or village incentives? An artefactual field experiment along the Siak River Sumatra
03 Dec. 2015
Prof. Dr. Gabriel Wollner
Warming up to injustice? On the moral force of better-than-nothing-but-less-than-perfect solutions to climate change
26 Nov. 2015
Prof. Dr. David Barkin
Constructing Alternative Economics: lessons learned from working with low income, marginalized local and indigenos communities responding constructively to globalosation and anthropogenic climate change
19 Nov. 2015
Dr. Klaus Jacob
Reducing the use of materials: Why and How? (Presentation)
12 Nov. 2015
Prof. Dr. Consuelo Varela
Identifying solutions to balance the conservation of biodiversity and human development using participatory decision support tools
05 Nov. 2015
Dr. Sergio Villamayor-Tomas
Introducing the Socio-Ecological Systems Database (SESMAD): a tool for systematic SES case analysis and theory testing (Presentation)
29 Oct. 2015
Prof. Dr. Bernd Klauer
How do we like our waters to be? Economic perspectives on the European Water Framework Directive (Presentation)