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Dr. Wibke Crewett

Research associate

Wibke Crewett is an agricultural economist at the Division of Resource Economics at Humboldt Universität zu Berlin. She holds a Ph.D., M.Sc. and B.Sc. in agriculture. Her research interests are in the field of institutions for the agricultural use of natural resources namely land, pasture and irrigation rights. Her research experience has helped her to understand the relevancy of not only adequate agricultural policy design but also the need for the scientific study of implementation rules. Her methodological focus is the application and further development of qualitative tools for generation and interpretation of meaningful data on institutional settings and governance structures at different scales. Her most recent WINS project titled Inimbio – Institutional implications for bioeconomy development - which explores the coupled relationships of bioeconomy expansion and land use in Germany. 

Selected publications

  • Sieber, S.; Jah, Srijna; Tharayil Shereef, A.-B.; Bringe, F., Crewett, W.; Uckert, G.; Polreich, S.; Ndah T. N; Graef, F and K. Mueller (2015): Integrated assessment of sustainable agricultural practices to enhance climate resilience in Morogoro, Tanzania. Regional Environmental Change. 5 (7). p. 1281-1292
  • Crewett, W. (2015): Decentralized pasture governance in Kyrgyzstan: designing implementation rules. Environmental Science and Policy 53. p.215-224
  • Crewett, W. (2015): Street-level bureaucrats at work: a municipality-level institutional analysis of Community Based Natural Resource Management implementation practice in the pasture sector of Kyrgyzstan. Sustainability 7(3). p. 3146-3174
  • Crewett, W. (2015): “There is a new law?” Experiences from the implementation of a pasture governance reform in Kyrgyzstan. In: Hornidge, A.K., Shtaltovna, A. and C. Schetter (eds.): Agricultural Knowledge and Knowledge Systems in Post-Soviet Societies, Peter Lang, Bern

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