Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin - WINS

Miguel Angel La Rosa Salazar, Facultad de Economía y Planificación, Universidad Nacional Agraria La Molina, Peru

January 06 – February 28, 2020

Miguel Angel La Rosa Salazar is a lecturer at the Facultad de Economía y Planificación of the Universidad Nacional Agraria La Molina in Lima, Peru, since 2019. He obtained the master’s degree (MSc) of the programme Integrated Natural Recourse Management at the Humboldt Universität zu Berlin in 2018. Miguel is member of the Permanent Seminary of Agrarian Research (SEPIA) since 2019. His topics of interest are agricultural and conservation policies, mainly in the Peruvian Amazon. As an economist, Miguel has approached these issues from a neoclassical economics perspective. However, his experience relates primarily to interdisciplinary research of agricultural frontiers in the Peruvian Amazon. He also participated in interdisciplinary research in other topics, for example, continental fisheries, and climate change mitigation and adaptation. Currently, he bases his work and teaching on institutional theory and social-ecological systems, looking at agriculture. In this frame, he visits the WINS, funded the National Programme for Agricultural Innovation (PNIA) of Peru for a small research project under the title “Innovations Facilitating Agricultural Innovation”.